Community Programs

  1. Fingerprinting Services

    Scout out information about fingerprinting services offered by the township.

  2. McGruff the Crime Dog Appearances

    McGruff is a crime fighting dog and he shows up at special events.

  3. Montour Trail Bicycle Patrols

    The Findlay Township Police Department conducts bicycle patrols of the Montour Trail.

  4. Road Rage Prevention

    If you suffer from road rage, we have a program that can help.

  5. Seatbelt Safety

    We offer classes about seat belts.

  6. Truck Safety Inspections

    We offer truck safety programs.

  7. Welcome Packet Program

    When new residents make their home in Findlay Township, the Findlay Township Crime Prevention Unit delivers a welcome packet.

  8. Project Lifesaver

    PROJECT LIFESAVER is a program offered by law enforcement and other emergency responders in 41 states, using proven radio technology and specially trained search and rescue teams, to find citizens enrolled in the program when they become lost.